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AC Dynamo

uses ac motor to creat a load

Eficiency determination test dynamometer

  • Motor efficiency test for induction motors (MEPS dynamo)
  • Loss segreation method for efficiency determination (IEC 60034-2-1)


  • MEPS : Minimum Energy Performance Standard
  • Standard, limiting the maximum amount of energy that may be consumed by a product

  • Application
  • ac_dynamometer_application

    High power dynamometer

    • Test for ship propulsion device and other high horse power machines (output 3MW, torque 80KNm)
    • Low speed / high torque using gear reducer


  • Application
  • ac_dynamometer_application

    R&D dynamometer

    • Simply designed & manufactured dynamometer
    • Research & development purpose


  • Application
  • ac_dynamometer_application

    High speed dynamometer

    • High speed rotationary machine test dynamometer
    • Electric vehicle motor and other machines


  • Application
  • ac_dynamometer_application

    Special dynamometer

    • Fly-wheel dynamometer (output 300kW, torque 10KNm)
    • Test dynamometer for inertia load of elevator and others


  • Application
  • ac_dynamometer_application