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About us

Thank you for the visit. This is the company information page of mocom website.

Dynamo is equipment for testing specific characteristics of a revolving body such as the motors, generators, and engines. Mocom has been producing dynamos and motor-generator sets since its foundation in 2002.

Mocom is a specialized enterprise in dynamos, and is producing testing equipment to examine the revolving characteristics of the motor, generator, decelerator, and engine. Mocom develops dynamos which are excellent in reliability, durability, convenience, and maintenance out of rich experience and positive achievements.
Above all for the authorization of performance tests, you can rely on the accumulated technology of Mocom.

Mocom produces MG sets that can be applied to various systems.
MG sets will be of good service in terms of boosting software efficiency, inspecting performance development, etc. by reducing the period of development with a simulator that is developed under the same structure before installation of the actual large-scale equipment.

Mocom will approach customers as a trusted enterprise with products that fully take the circumstances in the job field into account based on self-verified quality and capacity.

record of mortion control unit

  • - Prsetolite Asia Ltd. electric forklift car Traction motor design
  • - Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. 1500ton crane motor development
  • - 30,000 Rpm high speed motor and controller
  • - magnetic type speed sensor

Application History

  • - motor-grnerator set for motion control test
  • - windpower generation simulator for university lab
  • - ac dyanmometer for small induction motor test for geared motor
  • - 240kw ac dynamometer for high efficiency induction motor
  • - 5,000Nm elevator rope gripper test equipment
  • - no load conditon motor test equipment for various speed motors
  • - wave power generation simulator for college lab
  • - wind power generation blade simulator for heavy industries
  • - 10kw 24 poles windpower generation test equipment
  • - 200kgf.m air break dynamometer for electric vehicle
  • - battery power charge and discharge capability test simulator
  • - high speed windpower generation control system simulator
  • - windpower generation control system equipment for university lab
  • - elevator synchronous motor test ac dynamometer with fly wheel system
  • - hoist crane motor test ac dynamometer
  • - 20kw 6,000 Rpm electric vehicle driving motor test AC dynamometer
  • - 100kW elevator permanant magnet motor test ac dynamometer
  • - 3000kW 80,000Nm AC dynamometer for vessel propulsion system
  • - 280kW and 500kW dual type AC dynamometer for igh efficiency motor